Get your ESNcard.

Here you have one of the first things you need to do when you come to Bilbao: the ERASMUS STUDENT NETWORK CARD
They are the internationally valid official Erasmus (or exchange student) cards. You have a lot of INTERNATIONAL DISCOUNTS with it. In the next link you can briefly see all of them:

Besides the international discounts, we offer some NATIONAL DISCOUNTS too (anywhere inside Spain). You can see them on this link: ESNcard

And that´s not all! We also have LOCAL DISCOUNTS! Therefore, it is important that you ask for your card as soon as possible in order to enjoy all the discounts in pintxopotes, free entries to all the events organized by ESN Bilbao in the pubs and the best discos of the city, discounts in the activities such as kayaking, surf, paddle surf…

Access to our trips around Spain (Seville, Ibiza, Madrid, Barcelona…) and a lot more we will be informing you during the semester!

You can find the information about our discounts in ESNcard - Student Discounts Bilbao.

Don´t hesitate to ask any ESN Bilbao member in order to know how you can get the card!
The best way is to go to our office in 10 euro. It is possible that we put some selling points for the cards in our events. If so, we´ll publish it in the corresponding event.

Check out this link for most frequently asked questions about the ESNcard.