In addition to the amazing trips, parties and events in ESN Bilbao organized a large number of regular activities that you can join for free or at a reduced price with your ESNcard. 

This page provides a list of the various activities, events and trips. 

November- 2019

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Karaoke 20:00


Tables Games 20:00

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French Party 00:30


Fever 00:30


Herri Krosa 11:00

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Open Mic 20:30

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Upcoming Events November 2019

16November French Party 00:30

Day: Saturday, 16th of November 2019

Where: Fever


Come with us to FEVER to enjoy the biggest party!! Fever is the biggest disco of Bilbao, with three rooms with different music and a very good atmosphere. The club opens at 23:00 and the entrance by list is only free until 1am!!!!

17November Herri Krosa 11:00

Day: Sunday, 17th of November 2019

Where: At Moyua


Sunday 17th we have prepared a PARTICIPATION IN A 10KM RUN by Bilbao! We will see the city from a different view. The goal is to run as a group representing the erasmus experience linked to this cultural must, to show everyone that sports are also part of it. If we are minimum 10 people we will be able to run with “Group T-shirts”

19November Open Mic 20:30

Day: Tuesday, 19th of November 2019

Where: At Shake


Join our ESN Bilbao OPEN MIC event and enjoy an evening full of talented people! Encourage yourselves to participate! Do you know how TO SING, PLAY ANY INSTRUMENT, TELL JOKES, RECITE POEMS, DO MONOLOGUES, DANCE or any other thing you’d like to share with the world? This is your chance!

20November Pintxopote 20:00 Molly Mallone
Day: 20th of November, 2019
When: Molly Mallone
Description: The MOLLY MALONE pub opens its doors again for a PINTXOPOTE! It is an Irish-style pub, that has enough space for everyone, where we can enjoy a good conversation while we eat and drink something..